The Hyden CRC  looks to hold regular local courses

Below is an idea of some of the course available through us or supplied by surrounding CRCs

We are always keen to get suggestions for courses and training that people feel would be useful, so please let us know if you can’t see what you are interested in

Recreational Skipper’s Ticket

The RST is a marine safety initiative being implemented by the Department for Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) to ensure recreational skippers have the knowledge and skills required to safely operate their vessels and enjoy the state’s waterways. Over 25s will need to hold a RST from 1 April 2008. Under 25 years of age you will need to hold a RST from 1 April 2007. The Hyden Community Resource Centre has the ability to hold a course for participants to obtain their Recreational Skipper’s Ticket. Minimum numbers must be attained before the course can operate, so please contact the Hyden Community Resource Centre on 08 9880 5088 for more information.

Forklift License

Fork Lift license available through us. Group numbers can be attained by collaboration with nearby CRCs.

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